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Nyiragongo Volcano Hike Tour

Nyiragongo Volcano Hike Tour Packages
Country: Congo, Democratic Republic
City: Kigali
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Hike on an unforgettable adventure: one of the most active volcanoes called Nyiragongo. Your trek will take you through lush forests and barren lava fields, followed by a steep. During your stay in Congo, you will spend the night at the Nyiragongo Crater Cabanas, on the very rim of the volcano. Stunning views of Congo in both the daylight and the dark will make this an unbelievably rewarding experience. Take another look at the rim of the crater, high above the sweltering lava lake, as you settle down for the night at the Crater Bandas.

Know More About Nyiragongo Volcano:

Nyiragongo (also spelled Niragongo), one of the world's most beautiful and active volcanoes, is a large stratovolcano near Lake Kivu at the eastern border of DRCongo with Rwanda in the Virunga National Park. It has a 1.2 km diameter summit caldera containing the world's most active and largest lava lake. Nyiragongo is infamous for its extremely fluid lava that runs as water when the lava lake drains.

The Nyiragongo is one of the largest most spectacular active volcanos in the world with a caldera summit having a diameter of 1.2 kilometers with steep-sided walls making it the largest active lava lake in the world. Today the volcano stands at a height of 3,470 meters high and has seen a number of volcanic actions causing lava to flow downhill to the neighboring Goma settlements found on the foothills.

Not much is known about how long the volcano has been erupting, but since 1882, it has erupted at least 34 times, including many periods where activity was continuous for years at a time, often in the form of a churning lava lake in the crater. The existence of the lava lake had been suspected for some time but was not scientifically confirmed until 1948.

Mount Nyiragongo Climbs normally begin in the early morning and hikers are encouraged to be at the starting point by 9 a.m. it is for that reason that you are highly advised to spend the night in Goma town to give you ample time to prepare adequately for your hike. You can hike Nyiragongo before or after Congo gorilla trekking safaris.

Always keep in mind that the peak is at a height of 11,400 feet so the choice will be yours either to hike slowly or at a fast pace. with Porter giving you luggage assistance, the success rate registered on Mount Nyiragongo is very high.

Similar to any mountain across the world the temperatures on Mount Nyiragongo vary from warm temps on the lower slopes to very cold temps closer to the summit. it’s for that reason that you are highly advised to pack enough warm clothing and please do not be misguided by the fact that there is a volcano on the peak and you assume that the temperatures are warm up there. Without enough warm clothing, instances of freezing are very high.

Please remember to pack enough drinking water up the mountain because you need to keep your body well hydrated; a reusable water bottle is greatly suggested.

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